Inspire Series

Welcome to Adventurous Alysha’s Inspire Series.

During this series we hope to show you all that living life on your own terms is within reach. You’ll meet travelers, tripping all over the world, who have overcome, or challenged, their fears and limitations through travel and adventure. We hope to further prove, through these normal people, that living with a mental illness doesn’t have to be so restricted. That you can be adventurous. So take a look at these beautiful people, read their stories, and get inspired! Your life is to be lived by you, no mental illness can tell you otherwise.

Our first adventurer is the incredible Alexandra from Australia. Alex suffers from Depression and acute anxiety, but won’t let that dim her passion and lust for life. She’s sought help from Beyond Blue in times of need, and continues to take medication – which she is happy to tell you all! Alex has always traveled, as her Dad lives in Europe, but never really went for it on her own. Until 2017 when her and her partner took off for a four month trip backpacking around South East Asia.

She said she’s found it challenging at times, but wouldn’t change it for the world! Before traveling without her family, she was pretty terrified of the ocean/deep water and was held back by how anxious it made her feel. That’s why we’re more than happy to share these inspiring photos, with all of you aspiring adventurers. Alex says that self-love is the most important and that she is continuing to challenge herself, even when it gets hard. We’re so proud of you Alexandra! Keep it up!

Alexandra overcoming fears of the water in south east asia

The next adventurer in our series is the super strong Kelli from Australia. Kelli suffers from Depression and kept it to herself for a while. She often felt insecure and weak because she has a mental illness, and felt angry with herself for feeling the way she did at times. Kelli is a strong individual and didn’t want to be seen in the light that depression casts, or to be treated differently. Because she battled it on her own for a while she suffered more than she had to.

But by discovering only a few short years ago that living with a mental illness is nothing to be ashamed about, and that it doesn’t ever make you weak – she’s feeling like her strong-minded self again. Kelli recently sought help for Depression and continues to take medication for it today, which she is proud to tell you all. Through her journey of self-realisation she discovered that having Depression doesn’t take away from who she is, and that she can achieve any kind of goals she works hard at. She has more challenges than those living without Depression, but is a warrior that can take on anything it throws at her.

The picture she has shared is of herself on top of the Grand Canyon in America, on her second trip to the States. She is now on her third trip to the U.S.A working as a camp instructor, and is heading to the UK at the end of 2017 to begin a new adventure – all on her own! We’re so proud of you Kelli, thank you so much for sharing!

Our next traveler is the incredibly resilient Georgina. Georgina is a young adventurer from New Zealand with a new found passion for travel, that scares the hell out of her. She has been through a lot over the years but has come out the other side stronger than ever, partly because of a month she spent in Bali, Indonesia. She won’t let her mental illnesses hold her back from being the incredible person she knows that she is. She hopes to show others that it’s okay to do something that you’re scared of, because it can be so rewarding. And life isn’t meant to be lived in fear! Here’s a great insight, in her own words:

After struggling with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder for most of my teens, I knew I had to make drastic change if I ever wanted to live my life and find happiness again. Travel was literally the scariest thing I could think of doing. New people, no control, and constant change was so far outside my comfort zone that I knew it was exactly what I needed. So I jumped on a plane to Bali, and have not regretted a single moment of that life changing month. Traveling made me feel alive again, gave me a purpose to recover, and taught me so much about the strength I have within. It truly is transformative. I’ve now caught the wanderlust bug, and have plans to go back to Bali and on an exchange next year. Mental illness or not, there is far too much beauty to be seen in this world to let my head get in the way.

We love your passion Georgina, sometimes we need to take risks! Thanks for sharing and keep it up!

Georgina in Bali

Coming into our Inspire Series is the extraordinarily brave Emma. Emma was only diagnosed with Anxiety in recent years so we applaud her for sharing her story so early. Emma suffered from Anxiety for a long while without ever really knowing what it was, so the diagnosis made sense of things she had been doing for years. She says that for her, travel makes her feel carefree and anxiety free, and that being at home makes her feel anxious. A typical symptom of anxiety is that you’re not doing enough or being enough, so for Emma travel frees her from those feelings. She says:

“Being overseas takes away that feeling of being stuck in a rut that I have at home. It gives me the will power to work towards my goals, because I’m always focused on my travel goals. I don’t think I would be at university or working as hard as I am if I didn’t have travel in mind. It keeps me determined and my head in check.” 

Despite anxiety trying to hold Emma back, even when she didn’t know that’s what it was, she has tackled plenty of travel goals anyway. Her most recent was a five week trip to Hawaii and the U.S.A with her partner for her 21st birthday. Incredible stuff! We admire your bravery Emma, thank you for sharing!

emma in hawaii and u.s.a.