5 Reasons You Should Visit Naples

  • Adventurous Alysha
  • November 10, 2017
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Visit Naples

Naples was never too high on the list of Italian cities that I dreamt of visiting. A lot of people when they think of Italy have images of the Cinque Terre and the Vatican floating around their brain. These places are truly incredible and worth a visit also, but somewhere that doesn’t get the attention…

How to help someone during a panic attack

  • Adventurous Alysha
  • October 27, 2017
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Supporting hug

If you have read my previous post on what a panic attack actually entails, then you’re probably left wondering how you can help someone experiencing those horrors. During the eleven or so years I’ve been living with Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorder, I’ve come to know certain situations that trigger my panic attacks, and certain…

What is a Panic Attack?

what is a panic attack?

You may have heard about it, know of someone who experiences it, or have experienced it yourself, but what exactly is a panic attack? In my experience, it’s when you feel unable to control a stressful or confusing situation, and the worry reaches a point of sheer panic. Your body reacts by becoming completely overwhelmed…

The world’s best festivals to meet people

BBK Music Festival

As told by travel bloggers: It’s no secret that at just about any festival, you’re going to meet people. You’ll meet the ones who help you create fantastic memories, those pretending to know the bands, the ones that seem to have endless energy, those that have hidden talents, and those foreigners that will make you…